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I played collegiate baseball and afterward was looking for something I enjoyed to put my competitive energy into. I saw a rerun of the CrossFit Games on ESPN and was struck by both what seemed like dazzling abilities (rope climbs and clean and jerks in a workout together!?) and just how fun it all looked. That was the tipping point that pushed me into the shallows of the world of fitness. Going deeper into those waters showed me that it's not actually about fitness at all. That's just the nuts and bolts of it, the trenches. Ultimately, it's about what kind of person we want to be, how we want to feel, what we want to think of and appreciate in ourselves, and what we want to feel capable of doing. CrossFit is an effective vehicle for growth mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm not saying there haven't been goals that meant a lot to me. My original goal was to podium at a respectable competition in the Rx division, and with the help of others, accomplished that several times over. I had goals I hit at different periods that were tied to aesthetics (bring on sexy abs!) and some to benchmark WODs (sub-3-minute Fran and sub-7-minute 2k row). But what I value more is who I've become in the pursuit of that progress.

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My purpose for coaching is to assist and support others to grow towards the vision they have for themselves. That could mean you want to be a CrossFit athlete, want to feel you look good naked, want to have an active lifestyle for your kids, or just want to be able to have donuts and ice cream and not be at medical risk. The what and why is up to you and so is the effort. The how and the support is where we as coaches and the community you're a part of coming in...

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